Add an album but try to delete tracks from it? [Resolved - hide unwanted tracks]

It’s been a couple years now and it sucks that when you add an album and then try to delete tracks from it (much easier and less time consuming than adding tracks from a massive compilation, say, one-by-one, ugh!) instead the entire album is deleted. I’m doing as told: namely, right click on the track, hit the triple-dots, go from there. “the album has been removed from your library.” ARGH.

Are these local albums, or albums added from a streaming service (Tidal and Qobuz)?

I’ve just tried it, and while it seems possible to delete individual tracks from local albums, if the album was added from a streaming service, then indeed Roon tells you that it’s going to remove the entire album.

Roon 1699

A possible workaround for both cases (because deleting tracks from local albums may cause issues if Roon updates its metadata for the album) would be to select the tracks you don’t want to hear and ban them (click twice on the :heart:). Then Roon will never play them.

I’m afraid the tracks have to be banned one at a time - it’s currently not possible to ban multiple tracks AFAIK.


When I’ve wanted to do this, I’ve hidden unwanted tracks. I find this useful if a reissued album contains additional bonus tracks that I don’t want to listen to.


Ha - brilliant solution - much better than banning, because you can do it to multiple tracks at once…


Hi @Keith_Ewing

When you add an album to your library, this sets that album as a favorite for that streaming service. If you add individual tracks to your library, those tracks are favorited in the service.

When you go to remove something, it will remove that favorite, so in the event that it is the album that is favorited, the entire album will be removed (we note this at the time as Geoff shared in the screenshot above).

Hiding is definitely a good alternative for you here!


Thanks so much for the help!

Okay, a little mysterious, this “hiding” business, but I’m going to try it! Thanks!

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Dylan, thanks, the dynamic between the streaming services (I use Qobuz) was news to me, a little intricate and fussy regarding the favorite-ing of things, I must say, but the feedback here is very timely and helpful. Much appreciated.

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