Add auto play resume in Roon

I would like to see an option to enable auto play resume function when Roon is boot up automatically. This is especially useful for those for don’t want fiddle with their MusicServer and remotes. This function is found in JRiver.

What should it be playing, assuming Roon did not crash and needed a restart?

The last song was being played and continue from there. It can be from the NAS or Tidal. At the moment I notice Roon boot up to the last setup page where music was previously played. Just imagine boot up the Roon MusicServer and music start playing without touching the remotes😃

What about multiple zones? I don’t like any system that auto plays. Think about a power cut in the middle of the night. Server reboots and the home disco starts at 03.00. No thanks.

Er, no thanks. I’m sitting quite happily in front of the TV and my Roon Core PC gets switched-on, so my Meridian system changes the audio input to Roon…most definitely not wanted behaviour.
And as @ncpl says too, what happens in the event of an “anomaly” ?

This has been discussed before - SqueezeServer / LogitechMediaServer has the option for you to choose whether you want an auto-restart, or playlist pause, or clean restart - which is behaviour that would probably satisfy more users more appropriately.

Add it as an option enable/disable feature in Roon.