Add auto-retry for Internet Radio

I noticed whenever I playback internet radio, once a drop-out last more than 1 sec, Roon stop connecting and stop. Most internet radio software will always attempt to re-connect a few times irregardless if the stream is being interrupted.

This is annoying as one need to press play again every time there’s a streaming interruption.

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Been asked before I’m pretty sure but definitely worth a reminder… Mike did recently say they were looking at improving iNet radio stability

Hi @support , how the status regarding on auto retry on radio internet? It is annoying when there is stream disruption and Roon stop playing back altogether.

+1 This is a big annoyance for me as well.

+1 for me. Internet radio is almost unusable and very annoying. In contrast, playing the same station via TuneIn is ok without dropouts.

nothing more to say a simple quote says it all …
I do use it as my Spotify/Qobuz enabled using oddcast/icecast2
and it’s awfull it the playqueue in these reaches it’s end
Perhaps a keep-alive button per defined station?

A very hopeless +1000000000 from me too, i would very much like to see this implemented…

Funny thing, 3 seconds after i wrote this, the radio stopped playing for the 10th time since this morning!

Can you please fix this annoying problem.

I have just upgraded my nucleus based configuration to 1.6 and the problem is still there.

Very annoying.

Unfortunately in some case if the stream is interrupted, Roon will simply stop playing altogether. I’ve already suggested auto re- try and bigger buffering to try to fix it but I guess internet radio enhancement is probably Roon’s the least priority.

I listen most through Auralic and JRiver, they provide the best playback on internet radio period.

Renewing my now expired roon subscription is my least priority…

One and a half years later … is anyone working on this issue? I stream internet radio almost constantly, and often have to reconnect after the stream is dropped. The problem is worst for FLAC streams (e.g., Open Broadcast Radio, JB Radio-2, Chillout Zone Plus), for which connections seem to be dropped after one to several hours of streaming. Streams are also dropped for non-FLAC stations (e.g., KCRW), but with a longer latency. Has this issue complete dropped off Roon’s radar?

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Unfortunately, this is a limitation you may have to live with it. Streaming radio in Roon is still an issue where incoming stream becomes occasionally unstable.

The same applied to streaming local contents. I presumed the core architecture is designed in such way when stream gets disrupted it will pause :disappointed:

Internet radio auto-retry would be a nice option!

Hey, folks, let’s vote this one up!

+1 from me!

Sonos manage it, it’s a vote from me.
Support are currently looking at a BBC cutting off issue.