Add Composer to Now Playing Bar

Use Case:
In the main part of the screen I’m looking at an album that I’m trying to get identified by Roon. But this could be anything and is not of any real importance here.

But in the Now Playing Bar (what’s the official name?) at the bottom of the screen I can see the track that I’m currently listening to which has in this case been chosen by Roon Radio.

Once the song started I immediately thought I recognized the voice that belongs to Matthias Goerne and a quick look at the bottom of the screen told me I was right.
But which song is that? There must be quite a number of songs with titles such as “Bei dir allein” (roughly “only with you”) and so I am very curious if the composer is Schubert, or some contemporary perhaps? No other way to find that out than by going to the Queue and there it is:

Now I would think that if the composer can be shown in the queue, it can be shown in the Now Playing Bar as well, can’t it? No lack of space there.


You surely know this but anyway: if you click / tap on the Now Playing bar in the area of the song title / artists, the Now Playing screen comes up which shows this composer information and gives easy access to additional data (if available).

Yes, I do know that. But I still find it irrational that this indispensable information is not given in the Now Playing Bar, seeing as there is penty of space. Information that should be found “at one glance”, so to speak


If I could heart your suggestion more than once, I would. Please note, however, that this request was made about 1 1/2 years ago, so it seems obvious they are ignoring this improvement. But keep your spirits up.

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