Add continue to play options on albums

When playing long albums e.g operas and audio-books. It would be nice to have a continue option e.g. If you stoped listening last time at cd 18 track 7 at 1:17 continue would then start playback at this time.

Hi @hmartin,

After pausing the track, when I go back I just press the play button again and it start off from that point in time time.

What’s different in your use case?

UPDATE: Been thinking about this, and I guess you want to be able to play other “stuff” before resuming playback of the long album/audio-book.

Exactly, I want to play some other music then continue. I cannot listen to e.g. a Wagner opera a 4h or a 20h audio book in one go.

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Kind of like a musical bookmark.

Sounds interesting.

First thing that comes to mind is the “Continue watching” on Netflix and other streaming services.


You could mimic this sort of functionality by configuring multiple audio endpoints for the same device (for example, you might have a Roon Ready player that also supports AirPlay). Both logical endpoints would map to the same physical device but maintain their own queue. Name one of them Audiobook and the other one Opera to distinguish what content it is for.

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