Add cover art with cut and paste

I have no trouble adding cover art with the drag and drop process. However, it would be more convenient if I could just copy a cover image I find on the Internet and paste it into Roon’s Edit Album Cover screen. That way, I would not have to save an image before I add it to Roon’s display.


I save the image into the album directory as “folder.jpg”. I then have to import it into Roon with a file selection or drag and drop. It would be nice if we could specify a default filename for Roon to pick up as artwork.

Hey guys – thanks for the question. I’ll look into whether we can do better here. A couple points for now:

  • Our next release will have a “Re-scan files” option in app. Selecting and album and choosing that option would pick up @andybob’s folder.jpg image, so that’s a little easier and is coming soon

  • If you’re trying to use images from the web, you should be able to drag them into Roon’s “drag images here” editing screen without downloading it locally. If you’re having problems, you may need to right-click on the image and say “View Image” or “View Image in new tab”, so you’re viewing the image directly. Once your web browser’s URL ends in jpg or png, you should be able to drag it from your browser right into Roon

Will look into making this better guys, but let me know how you get on with the workaround above. Thanks!

I can’t drag images from the web, only from a folder where I saved them. That’s basically what I’m asking for that I can’t do now. I’ll see if your idea works.

When I drag an image into Roon, it doesn’t display on the editing drag screen, but when I quit the drag screen then the image displays as available to use.