Add diffing/comparison of albums functionality

Please introduce an album diffing/comparison feature.
Quite frequently there are multiple versions of an album, especially on Qobuz.
It would be great if you were able to select two albums (via right-click, as already possible) and then have an option “compare albums” in the dropdown menu. e.g. below the “Export” option.

The diff could show the tracks and their lengths or if the album is “explicit” or not and visualise “missing” or additional tracks. Imagine a “winmerge/windiff” for music/albums.

This would basically be great to be able to settle faster for a preferred version of the album to add to your library.

What’s wrong, or missing, from the Versions tab?

  1. it only shows how many songs there are, but not if they are same in length.
  2. it does not show the album length

how do you decide which version of an album you’ll listen to?

I’ll play the primary release in my library, and if I really enjoy an album I may explore others, by listening, and decide if they improve on my primary release. Roon will prefer higher sample rates when presenting albums, and you may customize the settings for MQA, e.g., Prefer MQA over anything else. Likewise, you may set Roon to prefer edited versions, i.e., those with explicit lyrics removed.

Incidently, the thread also includes a poll.