Add download songs for offline listening

It would be good if I could download songs from my roon library (local files and tidal) to my android phone for listening on the go. With this feature I wouldn’t have to use tidal app when I am away from my LAN.
I would like this feature to work similar as in Tidal app where you can select destination (sd card or phone memory) and quality (or maybe version?).


Just wanted to bump this.

A full mobile Roon solution would be great but i wonder if a compromise where a limited number of locally stored albums could be stored offline on android/ios devices might me a possibility?

About 50% of my collection isn’t available on Tidal but I don’t feel the need to have everything available on the go - but the option for say 10 locally stored albums would suit me fine.


10 :astonished: may as well do that in the devices OS capability…a few 100 at least is what would want, at least on 3/4G connections. Wifi I would want the full access to all my stuff.

oh sure but as an initial offering this would suit me.

I can download to Tidal but this does me no good as I want to listen to my albums that aren’t on Tidal. For android I’ve never found a decent solution and besides Roon is my favourite way to organise and listen to my music so having that option would be ideal for me and saves me having to swap between and manage different apps.

It’s probably not going to be any different to develop a solution if its 1 or 10,000 tracks, more likely to be limited by available space on the device.

This feature has not been added to Roon, correct? I hope this gains more support.

I don’t need downloading unless I am truly offline. I want to take my streaming with me. we can start with tidal and qobuz and add me local library later.

Please add this