Add/ edit artist biography and album reviews still on the cards?

I’ve many foreign artists for which Roon has no biography, album reviews etc. It’d be great to be able to add same within Roon. Just wondering whether it’s still a planned feature?

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it is … just low on the list… the problem is a multi-line input control in opengl…

How about importing text from files as an alternative?

This is something I am really looking forward to and have been waiting for for a long time! Sometimes I wish that more focus would be put into the Roon interface, rather than on expanding the functionality.


Ditto, I have too many artists with no biography because they’re not mainstream.


any update on when this feature will become available ? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time…


I’d also like to be able to add biography information (manually) for artists who aren’t identified or have no such information available

This is so high on my list Roon. See other threads!

Would it really be that much effort to add the capability to import an artist biography from a text file?

This is what I am waiting for. This one, what I would call simple feature is the only thing stopping me from getting a roon membership.

+1 on this request

+1, of course, but I have some complementary thoughts:

Artists are automatically created while importing file metadata, and some time later on (on album identification) the same artist gets created again using the Roon identification data. So we end up with 2 (or more) different artists that need merging.
It would be nice if the merging process could warn of custom bio etc that could be lost while merging.

FWIW, a simple workaround is to create a pdf and put it in an album folder, or copy to multiple album folders as necessary. It will then show up as a pdf in each album.

Everyone, please vote on this feature here:


@danny is there any update at present as to weather this will be implemented into roon at all so the album / artist bio’s can be added / amended by us users so it shows directly in roon, instead of having to add a pdf to the music folder.

This has been high on my desired features list! Is there something we need to do to vote for it or is a simply response here adequate?

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Cast your vote at the top of this page:

Cast your vote here:

19 votes at the time of writing.

Any further update on when or if this is going to be added into room, still sat here waiting patiently in hope this will be getting added to roon.

Any update? I would also love this feature.