"Add Image" problem in "Edit Profile" section

I am trying to add a photo in my profile on my iPad. It appears I should have done so on my MacMini before I installed my Nucleus.

As of 18 months ago it was not possible to do this on the iPad. I was hoping there has been a fix for this.

Hi @Mike_Rife,

I just checked a few different devices, including an iPad, and I was able to use the Paste URL from clipboard option to successfully add an image to my Roon profile. Are you trying to use this option and it’s not working? Can you share the URL you are trying to use?

Thanks Dylan!

After four hours of searching, I got it to work through an account with last.fm. Once I entered my details in the provided fields on your edit page, my photo popped up in the correct spot. I am not sure why, but it does.

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