Add Listening Notes tag, Notes box or Wishlist?

One of the ways I keep track of yet-to-be-released albums/EPs is bookmarking a web page, updating a text file (e.g. Evernote), or flagging a promotional e-mail that reference them. While Evernote could serve as a single source for such information, I would love to have a similar option within Roon. Any chance of enabling something as simple as a text box (preferably with a link to it on the bottom, next to the Heart and Lyrics icons)?

To go even further, it would be useful to be able to submit custom text (much like custom tags or Edit Version field for each album) for any given album or track. It’s for those of us (like me) weird enough to keep listening notes of a particular track (or album) as we listen.

Ultimately, I would like Roon to be the central/sole source for anything related to music (and not just to play music) – a mashup of Tidal and Evernote (I suppose).


Could we also add similar custom notes to playlists? It’s something that iTunes doesn’t offer.

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Yes. Would be great if I can add listening notes


I’d also like to have these notes play a role in searching. A note field for album, track, playlist, and artist would be great.

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Yes please. I would love to see a way to add notes to an album. A few lines of simple text would do it for me.

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Yes this would be great to have.

If we have these tags I agree with the sentiment that it needs to be searchable. I make extensive use of the version tag but I am not really sure why I keep adding information there as I cannot search on that field.

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I really would appreciate to have the possibility to make notes to a certain album. A very simple Textfield would do!