Add missing artists?

HI all,

Is there any place where you can suggest artists that are missing in the Roon database?
Right now im trying to add this title to my library:

And the artists Juggernoud1 & Karliene cant be found at all in Roon.

I just did a search and found both of those artists (on Tidal):

What streaming service are you using? I don’t have Qobuz to check it.

Oh, and the album in your screen shot is also there (again on Tidal):

It’s in Qobuz as well - although I notice that in both cases, the artists appear first as a single co-joined entry, followed by the individual artist names.

Im not looking for them in any streaming service, Im looking for them in Roon!?

Well, so you know, both of the searches above were “in Roon”. We both just also happen to have streaming services that Roon looks at when searching.

So the album is not showing up when Roon tries to Identify the album you are loading locally? Is that correct?

What happens when you click on “none of these look right”? It should give you more options to try to find the album.

And as an FYI:

That is correct.
And I cant find the album or anything close at all if I try “none of these look right”.

Don’t try “Juggernoud1 & Karliene” try “Karliene, Juggernoud1”?

Ive tried both, Roon cant find either.

I’m not sure what Roon uses as a metadata source, but for example, neither artist, nor the release, appears in Discogs, and in MusicBrainz, while both artists appear, this release is not there.

So that’s most likely why Roon is unable to identify it. If you wanted, you could manually enter the metadata into Roon yourself.

Ive never entered any metadata manually. Is there a guide for that?

You can start here:

and here:

Also as another FYI:

And a quick couple screen shots for you (not sure what you will see on your system but this is what I see in mine):

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Thank you…

Here’s some high quality artwork from iTunes if you’re interested.

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Well thanks alot! :slight_smile:

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If you save the image in the same location as your music files and name it cover.jpg, cover.png, or whatever image format you use, then Roon should automatically use it without you having to do anything else.

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