Add missing lyrics to alternate versions?

Hello. I’m a new Roon user and I’m hoping someone can help me diagnose if I have a problem with my Roon DB/file metadata or if this is simply normal behavior.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I have alternative versions of albums, one version will have lyrics but the other doesn’t. Here’s an example. I have 2 versions of this album (both from the same DVD-audio disc):

My primary version (surround) shows no lyrics:

However, the duplicate version (stereo) has lyrics:

I checked the album/track info, and there is Roon metadata available so I think this version has been identified properly in Roon:

I’m not sure why Roon doesn’t show lyrics for both versions. In my case, it seems this happens just for surround albums, although some surround versions (like Beck’s Sea Change SACD) do have lyrics. This leads me to believe that the lyrics DB is probably just incomplete when it comes to albums with multiple mixes/versions.

Since the lyrics are already stored in Roon, though, it seems I just need to map them to this album version somehow. Is there a way to group alternate tracks (similar to albums?) so they can share lyric information that I’m missing? I was looking for ways to edit lyric information inside Roon, but I haven’t found anything so far. Instead, I tried changing the track name so they were the exact same (e.g., “Deadwing”, not “Deadwing (5.1 mix)”) for both versions and then had Roon “re-identify” the track without lyrics, but that made no difference.

Has anyone else run into a similar situation (where the lyrics are essentially “hidden” because they are associated with a duplicate version but not the primary) and found a solution other than changing the primary version? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi, @nate_c, thanks for the report and sorry for the late reply here! May I kindly ask you to send this media to us for further investigation of this issue? I will give more details via PM.



Thanks, Ivan. I am currently on a business trip so I can’t access my Roon files, but I’ll send them to you when I return this weekend.

As an update, I did find a workaround: I simply mapped the tracks to the album version that did have lyrics (even if there were warnings that the track times didn’t match, etc.) So when I was re-identifing the album, I did the following:

  1. Choose the right album version (DVD)
  2. Choose track names. For this example, let’s assume I have a 5.1 surround file. There would typically be 2 options to choose from: “Track Name (5.1)” and “Track Name”. I had been mapping to “Track Name (5.1)” since it more accurately reflected my file. However, if “Track Name” has lyrics while “Track Name (5.1)” does not, I have now mapped my files to “Track Name” instead.

I hope that makes sense. It seems counter-intuitive since Roon DB had some data that better matched my file, though, so I’m not sure if that’s what I should be doing in Roon or not.


Thanks for the info about the workaround here, @nate_c! Looking forward to receiving media from you for testing.


Hi, @nate_c, unfortunately, the workaround you posted in the here seems to be an only way here to get lyrics for both versions. Our lyrics stuff is tied to Rovi metadata, because LyricFind and Rovi maintain the links, and the metadata source you chose is coming from MusicBrainz, and it’s containing a CD and a DVD (which may or may not be a DVD-A as your version).

Sorry for bringing bad news, but we almost certainly don’t have metadata for this specific situation (stereo and 5.1 from the same disc).



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