Add missing track to disc [Resolved]

Hi, I cannot seem to add a missing track (which is on my NAS in het same folder as the rest of the tracks) to my disc. I cannot find the solution for this problem in your support database.

Hey @Joost — Thanks for reaching out to us! We always appreciate the feedback.

So we can have a better understanding of what exactly is happening, may I ask that you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing both in Roon and in your folder on the NAS?

May I also ask that you check to see if the file in question is showing up in the skipped files section of Roon?

We have some great documentation about missing files in Roon that I definitely recommend you check out. If the track is not skipped but just wasn’t added to the album, you can filter by file path and then merge that group into an album.


Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your reply. The strange thing is that there are in fact 2 albums: 1 with only the missing file and 1 with the rest of the files (see screen shots).



All file are in the same folder (see screen shot)


I do not know how to merge them.

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@joost If you search for the album you should see the two versions one with one track and the one with all the other tracks, do a long click on one until it gets shaded blue, then repeat for the other, then top right of the screen is edit select this then select merge.

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Thanks for the screenshots, @joost!

Yes, in this case you will just need to merge them as Ratbert says. Select both albums by long pressing/right clicking, then choose edit, and then Merge Albums (see screenshot below).


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this does not work. I do see the 2 versions on 1 screen, 1 as “best result” and the other as “library album” (see screen shot). However, I can only select the “library album” version. The “best result” version cannot be selected.

What can I do?

Ok, locate each one individually and tag it name the tag anything you like eg test, once you have tagged both then from the album view click on tags at the top and select the tag name you assigned, this should show both albums then try the merge again.

It worked! Thanks!

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Glad you are sorted.

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