Add more album categories, that are visible when from the artist browser page

Hi guys can you add other album categories in addition to those already present? For example live? I do not want to see everything included in single and ep … how do you behave? roon the live version some times puts them in the main album section, which is wrong in my opinion, live versions should have a section dedicated to them.
Thanks for the answers.

You can use focus to exclude “live” albums from the main album view if that is what you mean.

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yes, I know that, I intend to see everything separate when I open an artist, natively without focus.

Ok, probably a feature request then.

HI @Emanuele_Simone,

As this can’t be done … I’ve move your topic over to the Feature Request category.

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Need at a minimum: studio, live, archival, bootleg/unofficial, EP

Ideally, Roon would even allow user defined categories (e.g., Grateful Dead - Dave’s Picks, Dick’s Picks, Road Trips, etc.)