Add my own reviews, biographies, web links, etc

(Charles Snider) #1

FWIW, I am the author of a couple of record guides. As much as I love Roon (and I do I made a “lifetime” commitment), I cannot believe that there is no option to add my own reviews and biographies or weblinks to my music database. Plex has it, quite nicely I would add, and while I do enjoy what metadata Roon provides, I would be over the moon to be able to add my own, to my music library, and even perhaps share with others.

This really doesn’t seem like that difficult an implementation, just perhaps a table and a couple of rows to a database and the “Prefer My Own Data” switch on the artist/album. etc.


Hi, I wrote about this extensively a long while back.

It may or may not be on the cards in the dev. You are most welcome to continue the discussion, revive the thread, perhaps it will have a +ve effect.


(Charles Snider) #3

I’m gonna keep making noise about this because I simply cannot believe this hasn’t been implemented already. It’s a complete no-brainer. Easy to implement, and gives me so much more reason to live in the Roon apps when listening to my music. I’m dumbfounded this doesn’t get more interest…

(Chris ) #4

I’ll add to this again, we put on live shows and as artists come through there are many reviews I would like to save with their albums and even perhaps my own gig review blog that I could save with our personal show recordings.
That would be a lovely feature but I am not qualified to say how easy it is to integrate just now.


Yes, this would be good. I do not agree with many of the reviews that are linked today so I’d like to link my own or simply blank it…

(Charles Snider) #6

For every artist and album, Roon gives the option of choosing either Roon metadata or “File” medadata; just go in and edit an album or artists. You can choose between each, and even enter on an “ad hoc” basis.

Adding a couple of fields for “review”, “notes” or “web link” for albums and artists would require little if any toil on Roon’s part.

Would be interested to hear an “official” response.

(James Antognini) #7

A possibility is to write reviews, comments and such into a .pdf file (this can be done via Microsoft Word, for example) and to put the file under an album directory. In the album, Roon will show a PDF (or more than 1), where one can click and choose to view the file. The file (for me, at least) pops up in Microsoft Edge.


I guess the idea is to have everything under one roof, nu to find some workarounds. Even so, the implementation of pdf in ROON is just basic (opening in the default program).

But, what will really be interesting (and very useful) will be the possibility to save from within ROON interface the manually entered data, either to the files tagging system or to some sidecar implementation. This will make the library more application agnostic.

(James Antognini) #9

I understand your point. I am more interested in software that offers a lot of editing possibilities for notes and such. That sort of thing is not Roon’s specialty, and I am willing to live with an indirect way of creating and viewing notes.


Let’s face it, that searchable, surfable magazine about your music is an illusion.

(Charles Snider) #11

Plex currently offers these features, adding album reviews and artist bios. So perhaps, maybe not so illusive… :wink:
(will add screenshot later).


Fully agree. I requested this some time ago. It was a feature of Sooloos which I appreciated. There are albums Roon does not identify that, if avaiable, I could add in some info.


(Mac Rebant) #13

Another vote from me! The ability to edit file metadata, and reviews, biographies, lyrics, etc. would make this a killer piece of software.

(Charles Snider) #14

bumpity - bump.
Still plugging away ripping all my CDs to disk. There’s so much I’d like to add to my Roon metadata; links, reviews, artist profiles… what an incredibly rich and personal experience Roon could be if I were able to make it mine…

No “official” word?