Add network Share to NAS drive

I’m afraid I have little technical knowledge so have found your online pages pretty difficult to understand. Just signed up for free trial - and just close to cancelling it before I start.

I have a macbook pro. Downloaded Roon software and can see it works with the limited music I have directly stored on iTunes. Most of my music is stored on a networked Synology NAS drive ( DS216Play) All works fine - elsewhere. Username and Passwords work fine elsewhere ( I access the NAS from several devices around the house hence my interest in ROON) How do I connect it to Roon using Network share - each time I try and guess the “network share location” I get an error message. (This is the path I have “afp://MarcMedia._afpovertcp._tcp.local/music”)

Hi @Marc_Gillespie,

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out this article. It will walk you through some of the troubleshooting steps to get this working.

The first thing I notice is that we should make some changes to the path that you’re using. As noted in the article, the path should be like this:


If MarcMedia is the NAS’ name, then you’ll want to try:


You’ll also want to make sure the username and password are also entered correctly here.

I’ve replied by email but to reply here, Thx it works , good fast response too.

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