Add New Radio Stations Please

Flower Power Radio UK and Psychedelicized. Thanks.

Done, please check.
The Flower Power radio I found and added seems to come from US, not UK. Is that right?

Also do they carry ads?

Hi thanks when you go onto the tunein website this is the page that pops up,

When using tunein through the app on my Panasonic the news is UK specific so there must be UK stream logically. I may be wrong. I also think it is ad free!, have not listened to it for a while though.

I’ve looked around and also VPN’d to the US site and the same audio stream url is being offered. What could exist is a regional proxy which inserts different news into the stream; I assume Panasonic must be using one although I can’t see one anywhere.
Are you hearing UK or US news on the Roon stream?

Have not been able to locate it yet!.

Easiest is use magnifying glass and search for
Flower Power and
Psychedelicized Psychedelic

Or single words thereof.

Thats great, Thank you.

I tried it on the hour and got UK news. (And I’m in UK).

Yes just got UK news :+1:.

I VPN’d to US and listened - UK news (but from Washington, which was what was said when I listened from UK). Strange.

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