Add Next for (My) Live Radio

I’d like to be able to treat Live Radio stations like any other ‘track’ in my queue. How about adding ‘Add Next’ along with ‘Play Now’ and display the station in the queue.

Sometimes I like to skip around and come back to the station I was listening to…it would be most convenient if it was listed amongst the tracks in Queue view.



The whole radio station as a “track”. Good idea.

I’d like to see this too. I can see why it might not initially seem useful to be able to queue tracks after a radio station, but it would be good to also be able cue a playlist for when you’re ready to skip “next” after, say, a particular radio programme has finished.

Mainly though, I’ve often wanted to be able to queue a radio station at the end of my current playlist, and that alone would be a great feature.

…, so I could hear two titles for 6 minutes before the News starts on Radio 1 at half past one.

Would be a small step, wouldn’t it?