Add Next Plays Now [Solved, Roon and iOS update]

When I use the iPhone app and select a song and “add next” it stops the current song and plays now. This only started happening after a software upgrade. Is there something I am doing wrong or a preference I can change so that when I select “add next” it adds it to play next? Also any song I select a song to play it adds it to the Queue so I end up with a queue of hundreds of songs and have to delete them all at some point. I have 3 days before I have to renew my subscription.

@Anthony_Perez Is your iPhone running Roon version 1.4 build 298, this is only available if you are on iOS version 11, the behaviour you are seeing is typically when the iPhone is still on an earlier version of iOS and Roon.


Perfect. Updated Roon on my iPhone and now it’s working as expected. Thank you.

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