Add Option for Horizontal Scrolling

It is just much superior for a wide/ultra-wide screen. Much more information can be presented at once and much better scrolling experience.

Adding vertical scrolling does NOT mean you need to remove the horizontal one!


I was pro-vertical scrolling and followed that feature request for many years. I’m amazed they switched to vertical scrolling only if that’s what they have indeed done. The clear solution to keep everyone happy was always just to give users the choice… i don’t understand why you wouldn’t? I really feel for you…

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Absolutely…65’’ screen…in previous version i could see 27 albums per page…and there were “pages”. With a tap on the right, i could see the next 27 albums. Much more useful and practical! Now too much waisted space, and the scroll is just frustrating. It should be customizable at least!


For me, the upsetting part about this change is that albums no longer snap into tidy rows. In other words, it is now possible for albums to be partly on screen and partly off screen. This never happened with the old page views.

Luca mentioned the benefits of having pages of albums and I agree whole-heartedly, but at a minimum, I would have hoped to see scrolling lock to each row such that albums still appear in tidy rows, completely on the screen, you know… tidy and not cut off, like a museum…


Totally agree.

I have another requests for adding compact mode to Roon 1.8