Add option in Edit storage location to autoplay new content

I would like to see a new option in the Edit storage location page which would allow new content to automatically be played as soon as it’s dropped into this location.

This would allow immediate preview of newly downloaded music added to that location.

Obviously the option would be “off” by default.

Thinking this through a bit further, I realised what I’m really looking for is for playback to start from the first track downloaded to this location then for all subsequent tracks to be added to roon’s play queue. This would hopefully result in uninterrupted playback.

The idea is to specify a location where newly purchased albums from HDTracks, Qobuz; etc. would be downloaded to, and to be able to hear them through roon as they are being downloaded. Instant gratification!

The tracks would subsequently be manually moved to a more regular library location. So this dynamic location would only be used to preview newly downloaded music.

I hope that makes more sense now!