Add or correct the lyrics shown by Roon

Hi, regarding the above article, which says

“Roon will automatically add lyrics for any track in your library if we have those lyrics from our metadata providers.”

does anyone know how to contribute lyrics to Roon’s “metadata provider” so they show up in the app? I’m finding most songs don’t seem to have any lyrics in Roon, even when a quick search finds them on common lyrics sites.

I saw Add sync lyrics to Roon cloud database - not own local Roon DB suggesting that is possibly the provider used, at least for sync lyrics, but I tried adding some lyrics there and they never went up.

I really like the convenience of being able to show the lyrics on screen in Roon while listening - much nicer than the screenful of ads you get viewing lyrics on a website, plus it’s awkward switching apps to read and rewind while trying to sing and play along. I want to help out by adding lyrics where they’re missing (or fixing the mistakes). I’m a bit surprised I can’t find anything saying where to do this.

In case it makes a difference I don’t use any streaming services, just a local collection. Roon does not have any trouble identifying these same albums, finding the album art, artist photos, related artists and so on. Just the lyrics - and sometimes the detailed artist/album written info - are absent.

I know I can add lyric files, but they would only be used within my local collection. It feels like too much effort if no one else is sharing the benefit. I presume something like a lyrics database only comes together if people chip in.