Add PDF or URL to Playlist

Another feature request… I am a frequent attendee of the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. My wife often wants to “re-listen” to the selections from a previous concert.

So, I’ve started creating a Roon tag and playlist for each concert, using first a search and then selecting the classical work based on popularity (not sure if this is the right method, but it would be really time consuming to listen to all of the alternate listings from Qobuz and TIDAL).

Anyway, there is usually a web-accessible PDF or page that provides the program material. Here is an example from last night’s concert:

Great concert, BTW.

I would love to be able to save a downloaded PDF or attach a link to a web page for the playlist I create, so we could browse the program notes.

Great idea (although I never use playlists or listen to classical or visit Minneapolis :grinning:).

It’s an example of a general issue: I want to be able to associate PDFs or images to things that don’t have folders, notably Tidal and Qobuz albums.

The folder concept is obsolete.

EDIT I just noticed that it is possible to add an image to a streamed album. My apologies. The image is stored in the database, presumably. And presumably the Roon team is reluctant to do that with PDFs which can be very large.

I suspect that can’t happen until those Tidal or Qobuz objects are non-volatile. As it is now, if a Tidal album (or Qobuz) is deprecated all meta data, play information, are lost.

Edit: yes, I see. I had never really tried to add ART to a library streaming album. Still, the art will be lost with any other edits. I don’t think that the PDF is ever stored in Roon’s database (unlike art), but just a link to it at the physical level. I wonder what would happen if you created a directory structure that mirrors the Album but only contains the PDF…

Note my edit above.

I want to attach the PDF/URL to the playlist itself, not to the individual tracks within the playlist.

Yes, sorry Ken, I was referring to a specific comment by Anders and not the thread as a whole. Although, the issue I brought up would probably exist for Playlists that are on Tidal/Qobuz and not created in Roon.

I purchased a Disc Downloaded it into ROON but forgot the PDF is there a way to add this PDF ???

Just put it into the same folder as the music files and it will be visible in Roon.