Add playlist selections to the queue in the order that the playlist has been sorted in

This is something that has caused endless frustration to me ever since moving across to Roon some years ago from a large iTunes library.

I have a large number of playlists and it is normally my preferred method to listen to my collection.
Playlists can contain between 10 to over 2000+ tracks.

I can sort playlists quite happily within Roon (well at least on a computer, if not my iPhone or even an iPad), by virtually every table header I could wish for… Release Date, Artist, Song Title, Date Added etc. This functionality is great.

The problem is when I have sorted a Playlist by say ‘Release date’ and attempt to add this Playlist to the Queue, one would expect that the order that the tracks appear in the queue would match the order in which I was viewing them in that Playlist at the time of adding to the Queue.

Sadly Roon does not. It appears that Roon only adds the Playlist in the order that the tracks were added to that Playlist, and totally ignores any sorting criteria you may have applied to the playlist.

I appreciate that there may be some limitations when viewing imported Playlists from Tidal or Qobuz, but surely this, quite fundamental functionality, could be applied to a ‘Local Copy’ playlist?

Please help… this total disconnect between Playlist sort order and adding to the Queue in a totally different order makes absolutely no sense at all to me.

Thank you.