Add portrait mode to the Android tablet app [on roadmap]

The Android phone app is portrait only, which is understandable, but the tablet app is landscape only, which is less understandable. Having portrait mode (with vertical scrolling of artists songs etc) would be useful, especially when reading bios and other information.


Android, too?

This is being worked on… its a total change in UI design.

+1 started using Roon remote on my galaxy tab. The settings text is not scaling correct and landscape mode exposes how weak my wrists are :wink:

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I’m digging 1.7 but really hope that portrait mode is added to android tablet soon.


This is probably the single most important usability feature for me. I view everything else in portrait and spend a lot of time browsing so having to switch to landscape just to turn down the volume a notch or whatever can be annoying. First world problem I know, but it would be good to get this sorted.

+1 to this feature request from this Roon user and lover. I just got a brand new snazzy 10.5" Tab S6 tablet and it would be awesome if it worked in both portrait and landscape…