Add proxy setting

I used to add system net way to Roon.exe.config for making it work with proxy, but seems like you guys change something so this way already not work… If we can add the proxy setting or just make the old way work again it cloud be very helpful, but add proxy setting is best way plz!!

After the China has been put the GFW become more and more crazy, I begging the Roon could make a proxy setting to avoid if oneday we could not using this in Mainland China anymore please!

+1, also from China. Seems to be working fine now but there’s always this fear that I might lose access to Roon / Tidal some day.

I’m actually able to force Roon’s traffic through a proxy with Surge (Enhanced Mode). I could stream music from Tidal (via proxy) to my Roon network bridges fine. If you are using Windows I guess software like Proxifier will work too.

That said, it’s always the best if there could be official support for proxy.

The proxifier didn’t work at all lol…
So only with Clash For Windows but ROON ARC will not working so is not best option.
The better one is official PROXY SETTING.