Add Qobuz album to the musical library

In the (reading) queue, I click on a the picture of a Qobuz album, then this album is displayed. This album does not yet belong to my musical library, so I click on the button ‘Add to the musical library’. Then I come back to the (reading) queue and click a new time on a the picture of the Qobuz album I have added to my musical library. Surprise : the album has not be added to my musical library …

Have you the same bahaviour ?

Yes, I see this behaviour from a number of places. However, if you go to Browse > Overview you will see that the album is added. And when you click on that album you’ll see Focus On Similar instead of Add To Library.

I agree with you, but ts is less convenient if you need to exclude a file from the musical library at a moment while the file is in the queue.

Either data are incoherent or there is a bug in the data displayed.

Should be fixed ?