Add "Return to Default" option for filters on Parametric EQ

Currently you can “enable” or “disable” specific filters or the whole lot of them, and you can delete a filter and add it back. What you can’t do is fiddle around with a filter and then decide you want to return it to its original state. To do that you have to delete it and then add it back. It would be good to be able to just choose to return it to it’s default state (when enabled).

I know this does not do what you are asking, but, you could save the default parametric EQ as “default”. Then save a second one as “play around with”.
Then just load the default or the “play around with” one as needed.

Or you could add additional EQs and then enable or disable them leaving one as the default and the others as options. The only issue here is the name is the same for all the added EQs.

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