Add RME DACs to "Identify this Device" list in Setting\Audio\Device Setup

Please add the RME line of DACs to the list under Settings\Audio\Device Setup\Audio Device\Identify this device

As you can see from the community comments, the RME ADI-2 DAC is very widely used, and we should be able to find this device in the list.
Thank you.

@Theodore_ECONOMOU, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to have their DACs certified Roon Tested.

Looking at the Roon partner page, it would seem that they have chosen not to do so. Have you considered contacting them?

Thank you @Martin_Webster. I am happy to contact them.

But first I would need to know if registering with Roon is free to the manufacturer.

I know it seems perfectly obvious that it should be completely free, since Roon is a service paid for (handsomely, I might add) by its users.

But I would appreciate a formal confirmation.

The certification process is free of charge albeit Roon do hold on to a device so they can offer support to Roon+partner customers.

Please note that I am a voluntary moderator, and do not represent Roon Labs.

It appears that the device will not pass ROON TESTED because it is missing

  • Volume control by Roon via Device Volume
  • Standby/Resume by Roon via via device control.

These seem totally minor reasons to exclude one of the most successful DACs amont Roon users.

How can we ask Roon to nevertheless include the device if it does not fulfill such near-irrelevant criteria?

What’s the source of this supposition?

These aren’t reasons for non-certification if the device doesn’t support those features. For example, a Roon Tested DAC may be fixed volume and not support standby. Chord Electronics DACs come to mind

However, if these features are available, they should work with Roon.

Moreover, a DAC works with Roon regardless of certification; you may need to tweak the settings, but in most cases, Roon will query the device for its capabilities.

I’ve been using my RME with Roon for 3.5 years doesn’t mean a hoot if it’s Roon Tested or not, it’s more a marketing tick box on DACs. A piece of artwork makes no difference to how it works and it works really well.