Add search / sort by music label

Add search / sort by music label.
It’s no secret that there are many music labels that specialize in a particular musical style, type of recording and mastering, etc. (4AD, Mute, Cleopatra, Blue note, 2L, etc.). Now search by music label is possible only in the own library, but I would like to be able to search and sort the entire Tidal / Qobiz database, for example by a search hashtag like “#label 4AD”, and can see all releases by clicking the Label link in the Credits section.


WoW - I never knew you guys using streaming services could not search via label. That really seems mandatory!

Surely, the metadata would allow this? :thinking:

The question is possibly do Qobuz or Tidal’s search APIs support it. Roon’s search doesn’t allow you to say what entity you want to search for, i.e. for a term like ‘haymaker’ you’ll retrieve album titles, track titles and band names that match. Adding extra entities means pulling in more results and providing the GUI means to browse them.

It’d be a cool feature though, I’d like an “advanced search” that provided more fine grained control, e.g. search album titles only. It is possible that Roon supports some kind of better search syntax, I’ve never researched it, I just type into the box and often curse the results. In my experience it’s easier to find things using Qobuz’s native app search.

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There is already a long 2 year old feature request for this. Maybe this one can be merged?


I think it’s a good idea.

Though this has 1 vote, suggest @moderators may want to close and consolidate with the primary feature request (because it is featured quite high on forum search)…

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