Add Shuffle To Queue (Available in Version 1.8)

Dear Roon,

Would it be possible to add a “Add To Queue” button here (on the Tracks page) for starting the shuffle section after the current queue is done? Right now you either have to wait manually or interrupt the queue to be able to shuffle. Thanks again for all the great support.

Kind regards,


Not really sure what you mean. You can shuffle the queue any time you want. Just set shuffle on. This is the phone version, I think it’s on the queue page on a tablet.

The ability to add a shuffling session of your favorite Tracks to the queue while you’re listening to something else. The button you’re talking about just shuffles your current queue.

When you say add a shuffling session. You mean add new tracks and have then shuffled into the current queue rather than stuck on the end?
Like shuffling a pack of cards into your current pack :slight_smile:?

I think the OP wants to add tracks to the end of the current queue, but to have that ‘set’ of tracks to be shuffled within itself. (so to speak)


More Shuffle madness.

Apparently there is some confusion here about, what I thought, was a simple feature request. Lol :sweat_smile: Let me try to explain it in a problem scenario:

I add a few tracks manually to the queue (just like any DJ would do, lol)
At some point, I want to stop picking and just let Roon handle it by shuffling my Tracks.
Right now, my only option is to interrupt the queue and just start shuffling (which sounds annoying to me at least), or wait till the queue ends, and then manually pressing the Shuffle button on the Tracks page.

That’s why I asked for this feature. Hope this clears things up.