Add Songkick Live Streams + Upoming Concerts - support our artists!

There’s a new feature in Songkick “Featured live stream concerts”. These live concerts do not seem to show up in Roon, only “regular” ones do.

Feature request number 1: include Songkick “featured live streams” in Roon, in addition to regular concerts.

Feature request number 2: add an “upcoming concerts” view showing all upcoming concerts of artists in my library, with filters (genre, geography, only favored artists…) and sorting options (by name, by date…), including live streams

These features will support artists in the times of Covid 19, bringing more people to live streams and higher donations.

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Moved to feature requests.

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Ciao Alec,

I am just going around the forum looking for a feature in which I can see the upcoming events / concerts from the artists I am listening to… and then I read your post about songkick and would like to ask you if you know how to see such information (events / concerts) directly in Roon ?

Really appreciate any support :wink: