Add "Sorted by last played" to Albums View options

Please add “Sorted by last played” to Albums view options


It’s a different thing, but just noting that Focus has a “Played in the last …” filter that can be bookmarked.

I would like to see the “last played album” view with the covers of the albums. Visually, it helps me a lot to find what I like to play. (It’s my standard view of files in many others programs. And it helps me a lot to find the files again). In Focus the files are not sorted (by date). It means I see the albums I’ve played, say last month but I see them all together without any order. What I like is the Album view with the sort by(date) last played.

I quite like the idea. Over time it would almost give Roon a live view of a user’s play chart from

In fact, if Roon could some how import stats from and tag albums with plays that would be even better as that would pre-date Roon usage. I.e. More powerful.

Number of plays is captured by Roon. It’s displayed in the track listing for albums by the dot matrix between track credits and track time. The dots go up to 15 and then it’s numbers after that.

A sort by last played would be nice, but have you looked at History under X’s Stuff? This contains a link to the album. I rely on the dots a lot as well, especially after buying a giant box set I’m working through.

Hi, I know the dots and the History, but it is NOT a visual presentation of the information I’m looking for. I would like to have a look and see the last albums and not first to take the glasses to see the dots or read the link information in the History.

I use Sort by Date Added a lot so can see how useful a Sort by Date Played option would be. This would give you the option of looking at most or least recently played.

+1 I would love if this was added.

This addition would be very appreciated.

Until it is added, you can quickly get to the most recently played albums, by going to Albums, Focus, Played in the last… (drop down).

OR, you can go to the Tracks View, click on the View Options, turn on Last Played Date, then once that column is there sort it by most recent.

Thanks for the reply. It kinda isn’t the same to me. I just think it would be amazing seeing the whole picture (entire library), and then seeing what you’ve last played. From there, you can pick new stuff to listen to, and it should show up on the very top.

I second, third and fourth this request. I appreciate the workarounds mentioned, but adding this specific ‘Sort by’ option to the Albums page would be a much more useful and easier solution for the user. Hope it makes it in a future build soon.

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