Add station (and country!) request

I still can’t get a suitable audio stream. All I find are HLS streams such as
which Roon cannot handle.

I’ll keep checking from time to time



I still can’t get a suitable audio stream. All I find are HLS streams such as
which Roon cannot handle.

I’ll keep checking from time to time

I wish I could figure out what the url is in the Bluesound TuneIn link is? It works flawlessly. Then I could just share it with you.

I have looked at Tunein as although Roon won’t accept Tunein stations for the main radio feed, you can add such stations yourself.
There is supposed to be a link for the CNN tv news at, but if I try it it says that this station is not currently available on Tunein. That may be because I’m in the UK but I thought I read somewhere that the tv feed had gone to SiriusXM (subscription).

Also ooTunes has the feed, but that is pay.

Unfortunately, Brian, Val202 station (Ljubljana, Slovenia) doesn’t work. I’m having the same problem I did when I pasted the TuneIn link before. this works in a browser, however

Strange. Firstly, that link does not play in my browser (chrome). Secondly, the original radio link that I set up in Roon still works for me.

However, I have found an alternative description of the stream and added it to Roon. Can you try that one and see if that works for you?

Edit. That latest link of yours does play in my browser, but only if I tell Google not to translate the page to English. I didn’t realise that could happen.


For some reasons, as I add some tunein radios, they show all information, but don’t play. These are news radios from Brazil.

I dont know why these tunein stations are not working in Roon. However, in the meantime, I have added Band news for Curitiba and Sao Paulo. These should work.
I couldn’t find a working stream for the others.

Edit. Found a Rio stream for Bandnews.

Hey, Brian,

sorry for the late reply.
Alas, none of the possibilities work. Neither nor
Can’t find in Roon, however.

Thank you, Matevz

I didn’t use any of those streams. Are you using “Radio Band News” in Roon?

I just tried all three stations and they work for me.

Will you please add an other dutch radio station?

Thanks in advance,


Done. Please check.

Hi Brian, I still can’t find the station…it don’t apear in live radio.

Should be OK now @Dirkjan_de_Vries , our super curator @BrianW did all the job but apparently missed the “publish” button in our tool :slight_smile:

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Whoops. Thank you Rémi.

CNN works perfectly with Tunein on my Bluesound app. Bluesound is Canadian and I live in the U.S. so it’s odd that I can’t get CNN with Bluesound but not with Roon. The CNN feed is exactly the same as on my television. It’s not a big deal to switch apps if I want to listen to CNN but I would think that Roon would have CNN also.

That’s because TuneIn is a third-party cloud service provider to Bluesound. Unfortunately, it isn’t for Roon.

I’ve VPN’d to the states and I can then play that Tunein link, (and not elsewhere, e.g. when I VPN to Canada). If you, being in the US, try and add that link using My Live Radio and add station, what do you get?

Hi Brian, I tried adding: “” to my Live Radio. I get the message, “Roon could not find a radio station at this URL”. So it doesn’t work. It’s a conundrum, for sure, but thank you, so far, for your continued efforts. We will get it somehow. It Elon Musk can land a rocket in the ocean we can get CNN and Fox News on Roon. : )

FWIW I’ve found an alternative CNN player but the underlying steam is an HLS .m3u8 stream which Roon can’t handle. It may be of use to you, so I pass it on.

Hi Brian, again I tried it and I get: “Roon could not find a radio station at this URL”.
What’s harder: Getting CNN and Fox News on Roon or climbing Mount Olympus?
: )

No, as I said, Roon can’t handle it. I mentioned it just in case it was useful to you as a browser standalone.