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Is it possible to connect two USB DACs to one computer and group them in Roon to output at the same time? I want to connect one DAC to the amp and the other to the active subwoofer. Will this cause any problem? I simply want to add some bass to my system where no subwoofer output is available. Thanks.

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Yes, you can :slight_smile: this working fine

Can you supply more detail? Are you sending the same signal to both or are you doing bass management in Roon and sending different channels to the two DACs?

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While the zone syncing is good enough for multiple rooms, it’s not good enough to do sync between channels. You will probably get drift and this will not sound right.

You will need to run a cable or use a speaker/sub setup that supports wireless sync that is meant for this.

I know @mitr is familiar with this, but for everyone else, this concept is basically making Roon be the crossover by using Roon’s DSP and channel routing.

This requires a multichannel sound device to pull off, but the flexibility and control you get in this approach is awesome.

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I think you would be well advised to link the two DACs together by miniDSP’s udio-8 MCH interface. It will clock the two DACs together as one 4 ch DAC. I use it with four Musical Fidelity v90 DACs to support a 5.2 system (i.e., an 8 ch DAC) at home. @mitr would caution you to use the same DACs, although it might work with two different ones. JCR

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Not only that but it lets Roon see it as a single 4channel (or more) DAC. That is important since you then have more/better tools for channel management.

Just an idea but I would love a wireless roon ready subwoofer supporting raat. 1 neat box I can just plug in and group to my main endpoint. Fantastic.

I am not sure that Roon can recognize a single channel speaker in the context of a 2.1 or larger array.

Its a feature request

FWIW, explanations here:

@mitr – slightly off topic, and ancient history (2010, Music In the Round #42). In your old emails, do you still have the +3 and +6 dB firmware upgrades for the Sherwood R-972 receiver? I’ve pulled my R-972 out from storage and set it up out on my porch and actually am quite impressed with the 3D remapping, which the setup in that room really needed. But, it’s a bit bass shy and I’d like to try the bass upgrade but can’t find it anywhere nowadays. Many thanks. JCR

Check out miniDSP 2 x 4 HD or miniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac Live.

I put in a query with the guy I knew at Sherwood because I have no materials and little recall of any of that. However, you might want to look at this post from 2018 and see if the poster can help you out:

@mitr, this was very helpful. I found the main and sub firmware files and instructions in that forum, and another forum member sent me the service manual for the R-972. I then reached out to Trinnov support and their team very kindly sent me the entire upgrade package, include the flat, +3dB and +6dB bass targets. JCR

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