Add the possibility to reduce banner in artist view

Hi !

I think it will be great to add the possibility to reduce Artist Banner (always must scroll to see albums).

I think some users prefer directly have an album view

Maybe add the possibility (with switch On/off in settings) to reduce thiis part of the view (cut with the red line in my screenshot) :slightly_smiling_face: :

could become :

This functionnality could improve the rendering on smaller screens and improve the ergonomics for some users, while leaving the choice to the user via a switch (next screenshot)

A lot of these things should be user adjustable.

It would save Roon a lot of work in the long run.

  • Fonts
  • Time out for Volume, End-point selection etc.
  • Replace modify all covers [Qobuz and Tidal included] ie no more grey hash squares

As Roon is gearing up for the long haul, making the product as self-sustaining as possible would be a good thing for everyone.

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