"Add to a playlist" does not show playlists [solved]

Hello! This is my first post, so I hope I’m in the right place. I’m running into a problem where when I want to add a song to an existing playlist. I can see all of the playlists in normal circumstances, but when I click the plus sign next to a song and select “add to a playlist” there is no option to add to any of those existing playlists. Am I missing a secret button somewhere?

Bring up the Playlist view to show all your playlists and make sure Show Global Playlists is checked.

Click on the playlist you want to add songs to. Now click the edit pencil on the right. You should see Save a Local Copy of the playlist.

You should now be able to add songs. Let us know if it doesn’t work.

Cheers, Greg

More info here:

One other thing to note here @Luke_Mitchell – playlists can be imported from a number of different sources, but right now Roon only allows for editing of playlists created in Roon.

So, just keep in mind that you can’t edit playlists imported from:

  • iTunes
  • Tidal
  • M3U playlists in your watched folder

In all these cases, the playlists are displayed in Roon as “Global playlists” meaning they’re available to any profile.

If you want to continue building these playlists in Roon after they’ve been imported, you’ll need to make a copy in your Roon library. You can do this by viewing the playlist in Roon, clicking the Edit pencil, and choosing Save Local Copy.

Thank you all! Solved the problem.

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