+Add to Library from Qobuz

In have lost the “Add to Library” capability for Qobuz albums. My core is a Dell XPS 8930, running Windows 10 Pro, Version 1809, 64 bit, i7-8700k cpu @ 3.7GHz, 16 GB memory. My music is on a WD MyCloud PR4100, 16GB memory, 16TB capacity with about 3TB used, with WD Red 8TB drives, USB 3.0 connection. I used a Mac Book Pro, three different iPad Pros, and the Dell XPS 8930, and all will not let me add Qobuz albums to my library.

Qobuz is the US Sublime, one year subscription

Try signing out and in to Qobuz Settings, services and then a reboot of your roon server.

That has rectified the problem. Thank you very much!!

If in doubt reboot :grinning:

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