Add to Library not working properly

I created a Roon playlist of so far 114 tracks all from Tidal albums. I then select all the tracks in the playlist and click “Add to Library” but only around 20 of the tracks are added. Even shift selecting an albums worth of tracks that did not initially load and clicking “Add to Library” doesn’t work. In addition I find that Tidal says it has synced when I open up Roon but after that if I try a subsequent manual refresh it does not complete a sync and just says “Syncing Library Now” forever.

Thanks for the report @madefope – this looks like a bug. I’m going to put in a ticket for the team, and will follow up once we have a fix.

I’ve found “Add To Library” from TIDAL albums often does nothing - generally with newly-featured albums in TIDAL (although maybe that is a coincidence!).

It’s working for me but it take me to a blank screen after I’ve clicked on Add to Library.

This will be fixed for our next release. Sorry for the trouble!