Add to playlist and add to library buttons - on the 'now playing' bar

Hi Roon Team

Can you add + buttons for quick “add to a playlist” and “add to library” functions - somewhere on the ‘now playing’ bar at the bottom of the screen (screenshot attached).

Use case: I’m browsing my own library and want to quickly add the ‘now playing’ track to playlist and/or library, with one less step. Or I’m playing a Tidal playlist or Tidal album and want to add the ‘now playing track’ to a playlist and/or library.

And if I add to a playlist, can it just automatically also add to library (one reduced step again).

Appreciate all the great work.

Cheers !

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Yesssssssss! Me too, please.

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I logged in here, searched for this topic and wrote in the forum in the first time with the sole purpose of agreeing with this suggestion.


It can’t just be the three of us…can it?!



Thinking out loud, there could room for maybe two configurable “action” buttons permanently visible on the now playing bar.
(I for example would keep ‘add to library’ and ‘play next’ there)