Add to tag issue


I am playing a song and then I click on the three dots on my right.

Then I click on “Add to tags”.

I choose a tag, check the square, and quit from the window.

The song is correctly on that “tag”.

But, if I again, in the same song, click to “Add to tags”, that tag square is not checked, so I don’t know if the song is already inside that tag, the square is empty (but the song is correcly inside that tag group).

It’s my issue or a general issue?

Apologies if this seems silly - did you click save? Otherwise I don’t see your issue


I click “save” because, as I wrote, the song goes correctly into that tag group.

I did apologise in advance!

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Hi @RiseFall123,

I tried to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing here, and things seemed to work okay for me. Can you share a screenshot of where you’re adding these tracks to tags?

I was taking the screenshots from the iPad Roon endpoint and… the problem wasn’t there!

Now everything seem to work right.

I had the issue for weeks.

Thank you for the help, really I don’t know how to explain what happened. :open_mouth:

Hi @RiseFall123,

Glad to hear that things are working for you now. If you happen to come across this issue again please let us know!

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