Add track to several Playlists

Hi All.
Hope you all doing fine and enjoying your music with Roon.
I would like to ask you if there is a way to add one track (or more if it’s the case) to several playlists at the same time. I’m thinking about selecting the track or tracks and go to “Add to Playlist” and select not one but several playlist at once.
For instance, I want to add one song from Diana Krall to the playlists “Female Jazz” and “Vocal Jazz”. Now I need to do it separately, by repeating the process for each playlist.
Maybe there is an easier way to do it, but I haven’t been able to find it!!

No you have to do it one at a time.
The alternative is perhaps to add several tags to the tracks and then play the tags.

Thanks Ged. Thaha what I thought. Maybe it’s something that Roon can work for into a future release.
Great weekend