Add up times a song is played for all version

For some songs I have multiple version in my library. One on my NAS and one via Tidal or in a different quality. What for me would makes sense, is that the numbers count for each song is combined from all versions that I played. I want to know how many times I played the song in total. I don’t care if it was played from my harddrive or from Tidal. Similar for the single version and that same song on an album.

My suggestion would be to show count of numbers played combined.

I would like this also. Sometimes I’ve listen to most cuts on an album via Qobuz, then get the album for myself and the count starts over.

Sorry though, out of votes!

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What you could do to bring back the ‘old’ count: create a playlist with all songs you want to add to the counter (so some tracks will be added more than once) and then play this to a zone you are not listening to.

Thank you for the suggestion. Sounds too complicated for me. I just want to have all the same songs counted together regardless via which platform I played. It’s no more difficult than that and it makes more sense to me too.