Add user configurable themes 😬

I know this goes against the Roon ethos of having switches and advanced user configuration for UI but after seeing what users are doing with @DaveN’s theme generator I would like to see a switch in settings that once turned on opens up a menu that allows users to load a specific set of parameters that adjust the UI to their personal “Theme”.

I haven’t personally tried to adjust the UI with the theme generator as I don’t have the time to fiddle but I really like what I am seeing and it really seems to have made a lot of users more content with the 1.8 UI.

I think the theme parameters would need to be generated via a proper 3rd party app created by one/some of the very clever users out there.


Sounds good to me - as an alternative add some more Roon provided themes.

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I would love to have this as well - particularly for my iPad which can’t be configured.

It would be great to have the option of personalising our themes without having to tinker with files as a t present, but if Roon cannot (or don’t want to) offer the ability for users to personalise their own themes, then the addition of a few more alternative default themes with softer colours and colour combinations would go a long way for me.

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Whilst I agree with this request, right now I would be happy with just changing the font type and size. The colours are a minor annoyance relatively speaking. The 3rd party app would need to be able to edit all the different clients and screen sizes, so would be quite an undertaking (as would maintaining it).


If possible a check box to set Roon to display as the “Classic Roon” app. I really loved the layout of the previous version.



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Great idea. Now that I’ve used 1.8 extensively, for my use it’s inferior to the previous ui in every important respect. Really loved 1.7