Add "version" to Focus

I make sure I add “Own CD rip” , or "bought on…’ etc in the version field of an album so I can clearly see the version in my library.
I’d like to use focus on “version” but looks like this is not possible (or I’m not finding it after many years of use :slight_smile: )

The aim is to have quick access to own ripped CDs using a bookmark
Could this field be added in the inspector?

Currently I have a focus on location,aiff and 16bit.
This brings up all my CDs but also downloads in this format which is not very exact

Roon offers tags for that purpose:

PS: Adding Version to Focus > Inspector would most-likely only lead to one entry there “Has Version”, “Version set” or something similar and wouldn’t allow you to do what you want.


Thanks ! That works indeed. I didn’t realise a tag could be added to the focus. I’ve created a bookmark for quick access and will add the ROONALBUMTAG with new imports.