Add YEAR to meta tags when exporting

New lifetime member here, loving it! Well done on some amazing software.

Super small request but it would be great if the export function added the release year to each files meta tag. Everything in my library is sorted this way and I’ve noticed that when I export from roon (to get merge all the lovely roon metadata) this info is stripped out, even when it is in the file already.

Would be awesome to have it back

Are you sure? I’ve checked with one .m4a track and one .flac track and both did contain the year (in MediaInfo shown as recorded date).

Well, it’s happening to me. This is just what am listening to at the mo (so good!) but i could do it with any album… The results have been consistent.

I’m using Meta as a tag editor but have also checked in other readers (VLC as a separate example).

See screenshots below.

This is strange. It works for me. :thinking:

Just checked again with a different random file and it looked good in VLC - before and after.

@support - what’s your take on this?

Hi @Philip_Dall,

The date does appear for me when I do exports, so I think things should be working here. Can you provide some details about your setup? What kind of Core machine are you using? Where is your library stored?

Hi Dylan, thanks for taking the time to respond.

I have the core (Version 1.6, build 416) running on a recent i5 mac mini. Library is stored on a synology nas. Browsing / searching / playback is super quick with no playback issues etc.

Now to make matters even more confusing, I’ve found that occasionally (maybe 1 in 5 times) it DOES export the year. All files are flac and there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the way the sources are set up.

Screenshots below. Any thoughts?

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