Added Album not showing under Sort by Date Added

I have a similar problem.

Adds two alabums to the library:

1.Laila Biali - From Sea to Sky (2007, CBC)
2.Laila Biali - Out of Dust FLAC

Only one is visible in my albums / sort by date added

When you click on the artist, you can see both.
What’s going on ?

Hi @MrSalieri,

Mods have shifted your post to its own thread as it is a separate issue.

Can you link a screenshot showing the Album screen for “Out of Dust” ? It may help to see what it is showing for Date Added.

Thank you @andybob

Date added 9.01.2021 ???

Why? I am adding the album today, February 28, 2021

Is it possible you’ve added it from a streaming service earlier ? What do you see under the Versions tab ?

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Thank you very much for the explanation @andybob :slight_smile:
Everything is correct. I already have this album in the library.
Thank you once again and sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

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No worries.

I don’t know this Artist or Album. How would you describe the music ?

Very nice vocal jazz. I really like ACT Music productions.
There are several CDs on Tidal, listen maybe you will like it;)

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