Added Chillside Radio

Someone requested this but deleted their request, added

Probably because it’s already there. Thanks for the backstop anyway.

It didn’t come up when I searched before adding it

Can you see it now? I haven’t changed anything.

I was able to see it in search shortly after I added it. I then adjusted the description and that too showed up right away.

Is the radio db suffering from some corruption?

Are we talking past each other?

Not that I know of. But Roon’s search may have had a hiccup.

I put the request in there yesterday and somehow deleted it. Thanks for adding, it’s working great!

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After re-reading the thread, I think so. Sorry. I initially read your post as adding the request back, rather than adding the station.
I though the OP had deleted the request on discovering the station was there after all.

All clear now.

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