Added new track and album art of that track is now on loads of other tracks

I bought a track and added it to the library. Now a lot of other tracks are displaying the same album art of the new track. These are all AIFF tracks that I have purchased that have embedded album art. The incorrect art appears on both pc and iPad/android apps

Windows 10
Latest roon build
18,066 tracks
A mix of tidal and purchased tracks
Chord Mojo

There is no support for track art in Roon. Only album art is supported. It seems that Roon thinks that these “other” tracks belong to the same album (same Folder?).

Hi @Matthew_Cole,

So we can better understand exactly what you’re seeing, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon?

Are these tracks organized into album folders or are they all in the same folder together?

Thank you to both of you.

Strangely, all the tracks are in the same folder, apart from the one I most recently added and that made this issue manifest.

I’ll move all the other tracks into different folders and see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t I’ll come back here.

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Thanks, @Matthew_Cole. That should definitely help — Roon will look for certain files to use as cover art in the album folder, so if all tracks are in the same place it’s possible that something like this could happen.